April 1 2022 Inccident

Is this selfish as fuck? yes, do I give a shit? nope

I just wanna archive this masterpiece that happened (today) and that's all

Context: I really, really love the person mentioned because of their asshole attitude, their traits, their....his....'sweet bod' and that's it


Came home after both school and work had been shut due to my sister going on her annual arson attacks checked Twitter and my FUCKING SENPAI CHANGED?!?!?!?!!!

I had an ascending moment of panic and I started shaking in fear, I know it sounds dramatic but I really do love this guy and seeing this broke me inside a little

I don't feel like doing a play by play but lemme just go into why this broke me a bit more as well as some of the things I did outside of this


I didn't scream but I did start panting and hyperventallating, ended up stepping outside for a bit before double checking

Took me a full hour to process what I was witnessing, alongside filling the void I kept doing calming things. Also maybe have cried at some point, nothing too much but I did feel my throat go hoarse and felt something rolling down my cheeks.


I'm more amazed I have Photoshop on my laptop rather than how I managed to make this profile look good


This part worried me the most, like I'd get just online but...I mean...I really was on the verge of kicking ass for him


I at least had fun speaking with 'Logan, ngl I felt kinda giddy hearing them compliment my dumb random dream cockatail of choco frog cupcakes, it was so bittersweet.


I was still worried though and kept this up the whole day

As you can see, very worried

I really did though, like I know it's dumb to cry over someone who barely answers your messages or notices you in general but I